Adrian Figueroa | A Foundation for Excellence

 Adrian Figueroa says the human element is one thing too many people trying to implement lean principles don’t pay enough attention to. He shares the ‘soft skills’ he uses to get buy-in from everybody from the assembly line to the sales and marketing department. As a Lean Facilitator at Cadence Aerospace, Adrian is no […]

Greg Helfrich | Building the Sales Process Into the Company, Rather than the Salesperson

 Greg Helfrich, national operations manager at Elrus Aggregate Systems, had a simple question: His salespeople were good a what they did. So, why were some able to sell at list price, while others couldn’t? That kick-started an ongoing journey to create improvement. They already had decent sales training. But sales training is general, not […]

Andrea Fabbri | Creating Your Brand Scientifically

Say the word brand and most people think of iconic companies like Nike or Apple with flashy slogans or logos. But in the B2B context, brand is very different. And, as Andrea Fabbri of Branding Business explains, creating a brand identity is not some vague, touchy-feely process. An effective brand that can guide sales and […]

Burke McCarthy | How to Grow (Relative to Your Competitors) During Any Recession

Too often, says Burke McCarthy, companies focus on their product… the technology they’re offering, as well as the price. But prospects and customers don’t care about that. No, they’re looking for value. And that exists only between their ears, not in your product. This recognition fundamentally changes how you approach sales and marketing. Burke reveals […]

Bill Zeeb | Strengthening Your Leadership Muscles

Before you can lead others, you have to lead yourself effectively, says Six Sigma expert Bill Zeeb. 20+ years as a six sigma trainer and master blackbelt led Bill to analyze specific areas where leaders fall short. He uses a structured approach for incremental improvement that takes the emotion out of the process and sets […]