It’s missing! Getting ahead of the evidence

It happens to all of us.  Our mind (and our mouth) gets ahead of the evidence. Leslie and I recently downsized. Moving is stressful. Eliminating belongings to fit into a smaller space brings even more. While trying to organize the disarray in my new office, I heard Leslie start yelling, “Michael! Help! I need help!” […]

Cliff Ransom | A Wise Individual, Who is Still Learning from Others

Today’s guest is Cliff Ransom.  Cliff holds a unique position between the investment community, corporate management and the lean community.  He has spent years following very successful companies and watching executives and front-line folks work.  And, is very open with us about several lessons he has learned. In our conversation we talk about: Examples of […]

Bill Bentley | Finding the Tipping Point

The past few episodes have talked a lot about the importance of mindsets in engaging employees and aligning with customers. Today we are going deeper into how data works in the feedback loop that make the job of sales easier. Before you click to the next email in your inbox, here are a couple of […]