Want to Manage Sales and Marketing Scientifically? Use a Method Your People Will Love

Struggling with commercial productivity? Lack of growth? Unreliable forecasts? Are you depending on gut-feel, sales personalities, and unmeasurable anecdotes? Or “shiny objects” that don’t pay off (like CRM, sales training, enablement, content marketing, artificial intelligence, etc.)?

Traditional sales and marketing approaches are failing in the age of search engines, social media, and mobile devices. Today, policies like “best practices” or “process discipline” often accomplish the opposite of what they intend. And attempting to transplant manufacturing process approaches (like lean, six sigma, or TOC) to sales usually generates immune reactions.

The reason? All these are based on a few key misconceptions. Which management can correct. Once you recognize the principles involved, your team will be able to collaborate more readily around evidence and data. They’ll increase response, deal quality, close ratios, loyalty, and margins by learning – and providing – what customers really want. Forecast accuracy improves. And, they’ll reduce waste, like those unread brochures, ads, and websites. Not to mention those ineffective sales calls, presentations, proposals, and quotes.

I’m Michael Webb, author of Sales Process Excellence (Shingo Research Award Winner) and Sales and Marketing the Six Sigma Way (4.2 stars on Amazon). As a career salesperson and a sales manager, I learned what it took to earn customers. I also experienced what happened when senior managers didn’t understand or measure it. If reason and logic appeal to you, I can show you how to get your team to think and act more scientifically. You’ll receive a short, helpful introduction by completing the opt-in on the right side of this page:

How to Avoid the
Four Most Common Problems of
Sales and Marketing Management

Most employees wish their companies would adopt an approach like this. They deserve the success the right principles can bring. Principles of reason and logic, like respect for people, as well as for understanding data, variation

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SPC, Inc., helps B2B companies extend operational excellence to sales and marketing, to systematically increase revenue, loyalty, and margin while wasting less time and money.

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Client Testimonials

"We have a very good sales team, but we were still not hitting our growth targets. Sticking to (and measuring the heck out of) our process was not helping meet our plan. In two days with Michael, our salespeople left with exciting, actionable ideas that generated new strategic prospects within two weeks. Best of all, we are confident there are many more of these to come."

David Nieman, President All Printing Resources Glendale Heights, IL

"We’re now discounting less. Our margins are up. We’ve gained competitive advantages that represent millions of dollars in future revenues and margins. We’re on track to become second to none in our industry. "

Tim Doot, V.P. Sales and Marketing Burr Oak Tool Sturgis, Michigan

"We had a great growth rate. But we knew the time was fast approaching when our growth would be less sustainable and certainly less predictable. The day I listened to our professional sales team present data and pipelines and probability metrics, I knew our journey was going to be a success. And it was! "

Michael Madsen, President Aquion Incorporated Elk Grove Village, IL

"We've made a lot of progress internally learning the approach, and externally learning about our customers. ... It is clear to me there has been a lot of progress and maturity with the group. The reps are better able to probe for value propositions and have conversations where they can share what they have learned. That was a struggle in the past. ... It is my ambition to keep this as a continued process so we are always uncovering new directions and opportunities we can explore."

Mark Wise, Sales Director Quest Components City of Industry, California

"Our sales process mapping work turned out fantastic. I can’t believe how quickly you got the sales team aligned to the approach, and how much we got accomplished in such a short time. Great work! "

Bret Hamlin, Assistant VP of Sales Burr Oak Tool Sturgis, Michigan

"Thank you for following through with your promise to equip us with methods and models that have enabled us to start and continually improve our sales process improvements. We avoided big mistakes around measuring sales and marketing productivity. Most importantly, we have a method for improving that engages our complex multi-level sales organization. Your ideas and your new book have helped position us for even more success. "

Randy DeSpain Director of Quality & Process Excellence for Global Sales and Marketing Danfoss Ames, Iowa

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