Rich Piech | The Toyota Factory Floor Sales Secret

When independent consultant Rich Piech starts working with a company that’s struggling to scale up… he often finds that they have a fundamental flaw: They’ve defined “sales” the wrong way. This has a domino effect, impacting the whole company. And, no, the sales department isn’t to blame, stresses Rich. What is sales… really? And who […]

SPIF Tip #51: Three Question Strategies That Make Your Sales Funnel Flow Faster

When your company is well synchronized with market needs, prospects buy and money flows. Unfortunately, few companies can maintain a constant flow. Salespeople churn out demonstrations, samples, and proposals. Marketing departments churn out newsletters, ad copy, and brochures. But not enough prospects close. What makes the sales funnel flow faster? The key is coordinating your […]

Steve Hollingsworth | The Systems Thinking Approach to Business Problems

  When things are going wrong in a business, it’s the tendency of many managers and owners to blame employees. But, says Steve Hollingsworth, principal consultant at Ottimizzi, you should focus on the processes and needed changes there, not the people stuck working in those processes. This is especially true in sales and marketing – […]

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