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Align your team, discover the cause-system, and create measurable improvement quickly. See a description of our services below. 

SPC Inc., accepts client work with B2B companies who wish to install scientific methods in sales and marketing management (data-driven, systems thinking, with respect for people). Clients discover data they did not know they had, increase their forecast accuracy, and measure faster flow in their sales funnels. Management by PDSA sustains their gains, leading to ROIs of approximately 10 times consulting fees. 

Professional Services:

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    Assess Your Interest and Readiness

You and your team complete the World Class Sales Process Self-Assessment. Then, we meet in person to learn about your company's situation and to assess the potential that Sales Process Excellence offers for your team.  We present relevant case examples and provide  actionable insights that enable you to create improvement.  This is a 1 - 2 day engagement. For more information, request a chat with Michael today.

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    Five-Day Construct 

Without a framework for how to achieve their growth objectives, small companies struggle with sales. Following the same logic as larger organizations (see the Sales Process Excellence Glide Path, below), this intense, five-day, template-driven program enables your team to establish the required foundation and framework. They uncover data, identify causes and effects, and break their challenges into bite-sized, solvable tasks. During the workshop, they begin solving the most critical problems, and lay out mutual accountabilities for sustaining the gains and improving (a 30-60-90 day plan). 

Five-Day Construct (Flow Chart)

  • Establish the right foundation for a sales production system
  • Research and define internal/external issues based on data (not opinion)
  • Develop essential measurements that indicate improvement
  • Develop respectful agreement on the best way to achieve the objectives 
  • Launch PDSA management

This is a 5 day, flat-fee engagement with a small follow up PDSA coaching fee after three months. For more information, request a chat with Michael today.

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    Sales Process Excellence Glide Path

Larger organizations may require a more involved process to implement change. The Sales Process Excellence Glidepath is the first fully-developed improvement methodology that brings the scientific principles underlying Deming's Theory of Profound Knowledge, Six Sigma, and the Lean Philosophy to the realm of sales and marketing. Professional marketers, sellers, and servicers respect and appreciate the approach, because of the principle of "respect for people" (i.e., their ability to think).  

Sales Process Excellence Glide Path (Flow Chart)

Principles are universal, yet all clients are different. We do not bring best practices, or sales and marketing methodologies that could generate immune reactions from internal stakeholders. Instead, SPC, Inc., collaborates with your organization to improve the process they already have.

  • All work is aimed at identifying and improving the common, high-impact issues preventing your organization from achieving its objectives.
  • Principles and methods are introduced "Just-In-Time" as they apply to real-world problems (no "academic" training projects). 
  • Team leaders and participants gain real-world experience with basic as well as highly sophisticated professional selling and marketing skills. 
  • Team leaders and participants gain the equivalent green or black-belt training (depending on engagement duration). 
  •  Sales Process Excellence is system-oriented, rather than project-oriented.
  • Ongoing PDSA coaching enables your team to measure and improve the quantity and quality of deal-flow (often for the first time).
  • SPC, Inc.'s methods are repeatable and scalable. They can be integrated to your existing process excellence and sales methodologies. 

Engagements are quoted on a retainer basis, depending on the needs of the client. Appropriate references can be provided at an appropriate time. For specific details, request a chat with Michael today.

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