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A Repeatable Approach to Sales Process Design Increases Sales Productivity 40% in Six Months Case Study

BackgroundA European supplier of HVAC equipment to OEMs had grown to nearly €1 billion. However, their product managers were challenged to manage expectations and meet growth forecasts for various product lines due to differing languages and cultures around the globe. Two challenges stood out. First, the firm had been trying to penetrate a new market – […]

Bruce Hamilton | Playing As a Team

Mentioned in This Episode:   NE Lean Conference Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership Bruce’s blog The Toast Video preview Michael Webb: Good morning, everyone. I am pleased to bring you my guest today, Bruce Hamilton. I met Bruce several years ago at a Shingo conference and Bruce has… Well, Bruce, let me just give you a chance to […]

SPIF Tip #57: Converting Maps Into Action

When my joyride in the lake collided with an underwater stump, I realized I needed a better map, “a mental map.” Last time we described a method that enables getting this kind of information, called a “research meeting”.  When times are challenging, changing, or both, skillfully conducted business-oriented conversations with customers and prospects is not […]

SPIF Tip #54: I Was Wrong

I was wrong.  Once.  Okay, once that I am going to talk about today. It was during my first year working for a sales training company. My boss was trying to get me to deliver a presentation in a way that felt like a gimmick to me. Ultimately, he had to say, “Mike, this is […]

SPIF Tip #53: Finding Gold in Your Teams

Most of us are reeling from the current and projected impact of COVID-19. Where will the dominoes stop falling across our customers, channel partners, and salespeople? Much less in your personal life? The uncertainty of the future and being hampered by isolation is maddening. There is a silver lining, however. This can be an opportunity […]

Drew Locher | It Takes Energy From Leaders

Drew Locher brings several different perspectives to helping organizations improve.  He began his career in engineering.  He was introduced to quality management in a management development program which later lead to specializing in organizational behavior. Today, he talks with us about several aspects of making and sustaining change in an organization.  The importance of energy […]

Oscar Trimboli | The Cost of Not Listening

Mentioned in This Episode:  oscartrimtoli.com/whitepapers, oscartrimboli.com     Michael Webb:     B2B sales and marketing works to find the highest quality prospects, reach decision makers, and sell value. Operational excellence uses data and systems thinking to make changes that cause improvement and eliminate waste. My name is Michael Webb and this is the Sales Process Excellence […]

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