What Sales and Marketing Asks About Sales Process Excellence - #5 How to Sustain Improvement?

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lp-5Sellers and marketers have asked us asked us a lot of questions about Lean process excellence over the years. 

We’re counting down the top five questions, and providing the answers.

Most of them already have some idea what “Lean process” means. The fifth most important question they asked is:   

Question #5: How Do We Sustain Sales And Marketing Improvements?

If you do create improvement in sales and marketing, how do you keep it going? This is reflected in questions like “How to keep this up after 90 days?” and “How do we prevent backsliding?” The field is notorious for evaporating results. Here is just one example acknowledging the widely recognized fact that most sales training doesn’t work. Here’s a discussion on LinkedIn lamenting the same issue around CRM.

These writers say things like “Management must reinforce this,” or “It is all in how you use it.”  OK so how, exactly, is management supposed to reinforce the training or use the CRM properly? Management people are just like everybody else. When you ask anyone to work harder, there is a limit to how much improvement you can get.

If that is so, what is the point? It is as though they are asking everyone to “Just do your job better.”  That doesn’t help much.  

The whole point of Lean process excellence is to start with the end in mind, to make changes in a way that enables the gains to be not just sustained, but extended. Here’s How to Get Your Salespeople to Sustain Improvements.

What's your most important question? Tell us what you think in the comments. 


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