What Sales and Marketing Asks About Sales Process Excellence - #4 How Do We Start?

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gm-5Sellers and marketers have asked us asked us a lot of questions about Lean process excellence over the years. 

We’re counting down the top five questions, and providing the answers. Last week we answered question #5 How Do We Sustain Sales And Marketing Improvements?

This week, we deal with the next most popular question:

#4: Where And How Do We Start Lean Process Excellence?

This is a crucial question because starting in the wrong place has great risks. Get off on the wrong foot, and you create more problems than you had before:

  • Choose a problem that is too easy, and your initiative will be chalked up as irrelevant.
  • Choose a problem that is too hard, and people will decide your approach doesn’t work.

Everyone wants the easiest quickest fixes, and they do exist. However, once the low hanging fruit is picked, you need to diagnose what is working and not working in your own organization to really improve performance.


By: Michael Webb

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