Applying Process to Sell Leases for a Real Estate Development?

by Michael Webb | Comments (0)
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Real-Estate-marketA reader asked 

"How can this process apply to a new construction to lease up a new real estate development project?"

I haven’t worked in real estate, but I’ve bought and sold enough houses to know the same principles hold. 

When it is a seller’s market, the sales process is more about the seller; the buyer is the one who must do more work to get what they want.

When it’s a buyer’s market, the seller is the one who has to work harder at getting the buyer's attention, their information, time, trust, etc., all of which must be earned long before they have a chance of earning any of the buyer's money.

Process excellence is simply a means of structuring your thinking so you can gather evidence and data enabling you to conduct experiments to improve the flow of customer actions you desire.

Does it work? You bet.



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