Working with SPC

SPC collaborates with a few clients at a time to help them progress through the stages of Sales Process Excellence capability and maturity.  Initially, SPC conducts a Discovery assessment focused on the sales process using structured interviews and data collection to determine the targets to improve and best pathways to solve the business problem. This includes the current job of selling, and the broader barriers to Finding, Winning, and Keeping customers. Clients benefit from learning additional evidence and data around their current undesirable results, potential root causes, and examples of effective countermeasures. SPC gains an understanding of how the client is approaching improvement, and what foundation they are starting from (i.e., from scratch? Lean or six sigma culture? Kaizen? something else?). This is necessary for SPC to find the approach to improvement that will work for the client.

If SPC and the client can find the right approach and a common purpose can be established, SPC completes the Discovery assessment to help identify the best places to begin improving. Team leaders are selected, and improvement frames (a special form of project charter) are developed. The teams begin to determine what and how to create improvement, and to check what they learned from the data available. These initiatives often involve  Voice of Customer, sales value stream mapping, operational definitions of qualification criteria, some degree of sales process design, and an explicit method for deploying and improving the work.  The ultimate goal is to enable self-sufficiency and self-improvement via co-designed and deployed processes and tools. 

The SPC team works on a 30-60-90 day collaborative plan with management to ensure that all participants are progressing and results are satisfactory. It is common for salespeople and sales managers become strongly enthused and committed to the new approaches. Partly, this is because they helped develop them, and partly because they can see and feel the improvements happening. Typically, by the end of one year, SPC methods are heavily adopted to target and deploy new growth initiatives. These may span beyond traditional selling to the new product pipeline, Voice of the Customer, customer service, and other areas sales growth is dependent on, but cannot control. Client satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. 

Unique Core Strengths of SPC:

  • Street smarts and experience in today’s selling (essential credibility with salespeople)
  • Deep experience in sales management, sales training, marketing, and content and internet marketing
  • Background in lean, six sigma, lean A-3 standards, Deming cycle, and statistical root cause analysis
  • Repeatable sales process design approach: right process at a useful level of detail
  • Proprietary data technology to support sales process measurement and improvement
  • Standardized, teachable methods utilizing best practices and transferable terminology common to today’s best lean companies
  • Coaching frameworks for sponsor executives, process owners, and teams

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