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Sales Performance Consultants, Inc. (SPC), is an Atlanta-based thought leader in the emerging field of lean process excellence for sales performance and business growth. SPC uses this website to help propagate the application of the quality and productivity sciences to customer-facing business functions such as sales, marketing, and servicing.

SPC's methods build on Lean and process excellence platforms common to many companies. However, our approach is uniquely designed for the challenges of highly distributed sales teams, global markets, and an increasing dependency on content marketing, channel partners, and complex distribution. SPC works best with companies that have a science and engineering “evidence driven” heritage and belief system, and a respect for people.  

Although training and software are often part of our services, most client relationships are a collaboration aimed at two things. First, we enable your employees and managers to establish a common view of the business as a set of interconnected processes. Second, we enable you and your teams to adopt methods for achieving specific, observable, measurable productivity gains that can be sustained and improved long after we are gone. SPC was founded in 2002 by Michael Webb, author of "Sales and Marketing the Six Sigma Way."

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Peter Drucker said, "The purpose of a business is to create a customer." In addition to delivering a quality product faster, creating a customer also requires a means of enabling customers to buy from you. When sales and marketing helps customers solve their problems faster, mutual value is created. Applying evidence-based philosophies to sales and marketing creates sound methods that reduce waste (such as brochures that are not read and proposals that are not sold). However, the most important result of these approaches is increasing the value perceived by the customer. Higher customer value produces higher revenue, higher margin, increased predictability, customer loyalty, and faster business growth. 

Unlike manufacturing production, the goal of sales and marketing is to get people you may never even meet to act for your benefit. For more than 12 years, we have been developing, testing, and improving process-oriented approaches such as these:

  • Applying Voice of Customer to map the sales value stream to make waste and value visible. 
  • Leading sales and marketing teams to develop and agree on repeatable work, and to improve it.
  • Operationally defining sales qualification criteria to make value and waste measurable. 
  • Enabling executives and sales and marketing managers to engage employees in improving through PDCA.

Such approaches improve sales and marketing productivity, often dramatically. They ensure your people can align their efforts toward real, evidence-driven value out in the market. This reduces time spent on prospects that won't buy and marketing boondoggles that won't pay off.

These approaches are not short-term fixes, however. If you are prepared to commit effort over time you will improve short-term forecast accuracy, medium-term revenue predictability, and long-term survivability and business growth. You will also foster a culture of mutual accountability and respect, where business results continuously improve. Your company will become a better place to work. 

Presenting Needs of Typical Clients

  • Flat or declining sales in core businesses
  • Highly variable sales results to plan
  • Market share erosion
  • Growth initiatives faltering or failing in deployment
  • New market opportunities, but inadequate sales processes for that market
  • Sales training not working; limited, fleeting effect
  • CRM systems not living up to productivity expectations
  • Cannot determine root causes of sales wins and losses
  • Cannot execute well with distributors and channel partners
  • Poor sales measurement systems; lack of actionable data
  • Gaps in voice of customer data collection or translation into improvement

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