Four Steps to Improving B2B Sales Performance

If you are like me, you've been studying how to improve the performance of B2B sales organizations for a long time.

Here is a treat for you: a new video describing a simple, step-by-step approach that aligns everyone involved by making them an offer they can't refuse. It starts on the home page of


How to Escape the Conversion Paradox

Four Dangerous Assumptions
That Disintegrate Sales and Marketing
– and How to Avoid Them

The head of sales and marketing for a systems integration firm was stumped.

His good marketing created impressive traffic to his company’s trade show booth. He and his team members had great conversations with more than a hundred people there, and arranged many follow-up conversations. On the flight back home he wondered how his team could handle all the opportunities they had found.

Yet a week after the event, it was as if the conference had never happened. These same prospects did not respond to emails or return follow-up phone calls. Those he managed to connect with were not interested.


What Sales Process Behavior Charts Can Tell You

Dear Readers,

Thank you for the excellent remarks about what process behavior charts can tell you from last week's blog post. For convenience, I have reproduced the image here (with interpretation below).

Figure 1 - Sales Process Behavior Charts

Figure 1 - Sales Process Behavior Charts

Mark Allen said:

Looks like while they are closing, they are not also prospecting…and unfortunately I see B2Bs do this frequently. This is by far one of the single biggest headaches that drives CEOs crazy as it adds a degree of variability that hits home where it hurts…in cash flow.