Sales and Marketing Manager’s Important Questions

Questions and answers from Sales and Marketing VPs around applying process improvement and Lean to sales and marketing.

Why are improvements difficult to create in sales and marketing

Most companies don’t even try to measure productivity in sales and marketing. This prevents them from ever actually improving anything. This article asks and answers the question why this happens. The answer is not what most people think.

How Do You Sustain The Lean Process Initiative Long Term

Sustaining improvements in sales and marketing requires "step-after-next" thinking. Of course you must lead the teams to define their problems and solve them based on evidence. Then what? How can the team sustain the gains? More importantly, why should they? This article provides the answer.

How to Make Marketing Indispensable

At its conference last year Marketing Sherpa hosted Kelly Harmon, VP of Marketing at Carousel Industries who presented a talk titled “How to Make Marketing Indispensable – Strategies for Turning Your Sales Team Into Your Biggest Fans.” (24 minutes – a written summary provides highlights) I thought this was an outstanding display of insight to […]

How to Get Full Support from Top Management in Going Lean and Six Sigma With Sales And Marketing?

A reader recently asked….  How to get full support from top management in going Lean and Six Sigma with sales and marketing? What is the most difficult part of the change or where is expected to be the most resistant to the change? This is a great question – and a complex one. Since you […]

How Many Sales Process Steps Do You Need to Analyze Data Effectively?

Gary Barnes posted the above question on the Linked-In Group “Sales Science”. He added, There seems to be an age old struggle between operations and sales on how discriminating a sales process should be. The more sales steps the more insight operations and sales leadership can gather on the current pipeline, but the more steps […]

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