Sales and Marketing Manager’s Important Questions

Questions and answers from Sales and Marketing VPs around applying process improvement and Lean to sales and marketing.

Operational Definitions of Sales Qualification Criteria

One of the most valuable characteristics of process excellence is the distinction between what people can control and what they cannot. No improvement is possible without this information.  The good news is that the effort spent identifying these factors helps salespeople become more effective and to elevates the performance of the team.

A Recent Readers Question: How Easy & Quickly can I Implement Some of the Key Changes to Realize Sales Process Improvements in a Reasonable Short Time?

Thanks for your recent question on my website. Several people have asked it. How easy and quickly can I implement some of the key changes to realize sales process improvements in a reasonable short time? The answer looks different if you are in a large account/complex selling environment than if you are in a more […]

Applying Six Sigma DMAIC to Marketing

A sales and marketing manager asks: “Is there a difference between traditional DMAIC, and applying Six Sigma to marketing?” Six Sigma, via DMAIC, is a method for maximizing sales performance and solving business problems. The sales management process and marketing (and servicing) are business functions that many companies have difficulty with. Some businesses try to solve these […]

How is Lean Different From Other Sales Process Methodologies?

Lean is about relentlessly increasing productivity. This doesn’t just mean eliminating waste. It also means increasing the value perceived by the customer. Lean thinking begins with what the customer wants, and works backwards from there. Accordingly there are four major differences between a Lean approach to sales and marketing, and traditional approaches you might be familiar with:

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