How Can Lean in Sales and Marketing Allocate Scarce Resources Wisely

by Michael Webb | Comments (0)
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A General Management reader asked: “How can Lean in sales and marketing allocate scarce resources wisely?”

This great question because, at the heart of things, improving the organization’s performance isn’t just about reducing waste.  You are looking for evidence of what the customer values as well, and this can be tricky.

To answer this question, here’s a short article titled How Does Lean Conserve Resources in Sales and Marketing?”

Basically, look for evidence and data that defines the sales value stream, increases visibility to cause and effect, and then test specific methods (countermeasures) for improvement.

Traditionally, sales and management cultures have been stunted when the focus on results (only) or activities (only). Process excellence is the means of getting to the heart of things, and learning how they really work.

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