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Hello everyone,

The inauguration today makes this a great day to get work done!

We've been working night and day to get the new website prepared for your use:

  • A new member's area - with both free and paid memberships
  • New videos, articles, polls, and feedback systems for all levels of involvement

It is going to be the most in-depth high-impact resource available for getting serious education on how to help your organization improve its sales process.

Last month we released the "How to Conduct a Sales Kaizen Event" guidebook, and this month we're still planning to release another new guidebook - but we've been swamped by the details of putting this new site together.

As a result, the "How to Conduct a Sales Kaizen Event Guidebook" is still available - at the old price of $297!

That will go away as soon as we switch the new website on. List price for nonmembers will be $470. When will we flip the switch?

As fast as I possibly can!

These things are hard to predict, so you probably have a couple of days before we cut over. But after that, it's over.

Look for some announcements soon on the new website and on a new teleconference coming Thursday next week!

All the best,

Michael Webb
January 20, 2009

All products and services from Sales Performance Consultants are 100% satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back. So be frugal and visit the ordering page "How to Conduct a Sales Kaizen Event" now. You'll save about a hundred bucks and help accelerate your organization's sales effectiveness at the same time. Plus, you get your first month's membership in SPIF! for free!


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