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Can Six Sigma Work in a Sales and Marketing Environment?

by Paul Selden Originally published in the ASQ Six Sigma Forum, 2001 William Latzko, a professor at the Fordham University Graduate School of Business and a colleague of W.E. Deming, remarked to me not long ago that the great opportunity for quality in the twenty-first century lies in sales process improvement. Indeed, quality thinking offers […]

Will This Year’s Sales Process Create the Results You Need Next Year?

"The ‘measurements’ weren’t telling anything about reality.
They were telling just the opposite …"

What do you measure in the day-to-day operation of your sales process?

Most companies have only rudimentary measurements (if they measure anything at all). They count initial contacts (e.g., phone dials or cold calls), appointments or demonstrations, proposals, and closes.

Unfortunately, this information is almost useless. …

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