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Do Highly Successful Companies Use Process Management Tools in Marketing and Sales?

Do highly successful companies use process management tools in marketing and sales? You bet they do. Whether they know they are doing it is another matter, however. In fact, when companies TRY to apply lean and process tools to sales and marketing, they often get it wrong. Read this and you’ll get it right.

How Can Lean in Sales and Marketing Allocate Scarce Resources Wisely

A General Management reader asked: “How can Lean in sales and marketing allocate scarce resources wisely?” This great question because, at the heart of things, improving the organization’s performance isn’t just about reducing waste.  You are looking for evidence of what the customer values as well, and this can be tricky.

How is Lean Different From Other Sales Process Methodologies?

Lean is about relentlessly increasing productivity. This doesn’t just mean eliminating waste. It also means increasing the value perceived by the customer. Lean thinking begins with what the customer wants, and works backwards from there. Accordingly there are four major differences between a Lean approach to sales and marketing, and traditional approaches you might be familiar with:

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