How Salespeople Earn Respect from their Customer's Senior Management

by Michael Webb | Comments (0)
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As business becomes more complex, the demands of salespeople’s jobs tend to increase as well.

Unfortunately, few guideposts exist to help businesspeople understand how to both get into a senior executive’s office, AND earn the right to be invited back.

I’m happy to report in my recent review about Marc Miller’s “A Seat at the Table” that it is one of the more valuable guideposts out there. The book is a great resource for understanding how to influence businesspeople in general, and senior executives in particular.

The material in the early sections of the book are well-known to many professional salespeople in the world of complex sales. However, the best part comes in Chapter 9 with “Concern” questions, and “Anchor” questions (how to get senior executives to sell themselves).

The review gives a chapter by chapter description of the book. Awesome, indeed.

Read it here.

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