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This book describes powerful scientific management principles and practices that will help you blast away the roadblocks to selling value, aligning your team, and making the right decisions. It has four parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Sales Production System
  3. Case Studies
  4. What You Need to Know

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Click on the image of the book to the left to download the Definitive B2b Guide eBook in a pdf format. This 8000 word guide can be printed as a double sided booklet. Please leave comments at the bottom of this page, and ask questions using the button on the right.

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Click on the thumbnail to the left to download the info-graphic of a sales production system. This framework enables your company to locate the causes of sales and marketing problems.The video below explains why a sales production system guarantees better decision making and business growth.

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[accordion][title]Part 1: Why B2B Revenue Growth is So Hard to Improve[/title] [details]
[/details][/accordion] [accordion][title]Part 2: What a Sales Production System Looks Like[/title] [details]
[/details][/accordion] [accordion][title]Part 3: Process Excellence Solves Sales and Marketing Problems[/title] [details]

The Sales Production System

[accordion][title]Part 4: How a Sales Production System Guarantees Business Growth[/title] [details]

Case Studies

[accordion][title]Part 5: Selling Time on Winning New Business Increased 400%[/title] [details]
[/details][/accordion] [accordion][title]Part 6: Reverse A Decline in New Account Sales Through Distribution[/title] [details]

What You Need to Know

[accordion][title]Part 7: Five Things You Need to Know to Get Sales Process Right[/title] [details]

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