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What is the Purpose of the “Sales Process” in Your Company?

What is the Purpose of the “Sales Process” in Your Company? by Michael Webb Most executives and managers would acknowledge that their company should have a sales process.  But what does this term actually mean? To the extent that your company has a sales process, it is probably thought of as “what salespeople do,” which […]

How to Sell Process to Your VP of Sales

Three Principles that EngageSales Minds and Heartsto Improve Discipline, Measurement,and Performance Most Sales Vice Presidents are in a tough spot. Everybody wants a piece of them: customers, salespeople, channel partners, employees, and executives of their own company. Above all they must … make the revenue number make the product mix forecast more accurately fulfill customer […]

Why Your Sales Process Cost Matters, and What You Need to Know to Get it Right

By Michael J. Webb (pdf of this article) One of the most important management systems for the senior executive is the one that measures the costs of production. Executives must know not just the total cost of production, but also the cost of the stages of their production. Sales and marketing organizations need this every […]

What Is Operational Excellence in Sales and Marketing?

by Michael J. Webb (with Robert Ferguson) (pdf of this article) A reader from Microsoft recently asked me an interesting question: “What are the key parameters which define Operational Excellence in a sales and marketing organization?” I like the question, because Operational Excellence isn’t just a slogan or a matter of opinion. It is a […]

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