How to Sell Process to Your VP of Sales

Three Principles that Engage
Sales Minds and Hearts
to Improve Discipline, Measurement,
and Performance

Most Sales Vice Presidents are in a tough spot.

Everybody wants a piece of them: customers, salespeople, channel partners, employees, and executives of their own company. Above all they must …

  • make the revenue number
  • make the product mix
  • forecast more accurately
  • fulfill customer promises, stay in budget, satisfy channel partners, and more …

The company is depending on them to succeed regardless of the obstacles they face. And when they don’t overcome all those obstacles, well … lets just say people come after them. (According to one recent survey, the average tenure of Sales VPs is less than two years.)

The sales executive’s world is normally anything but structured and processed. In fact, from their perspective, structures and processes seem to get in the way more often than they help.

Instinct tells them constraints like “process” are likely to get in the way. Flexibility to react and freedom to maneuver are good. These individuals tend to believe:

  • the problems they face must be solved by them alone
  • the rest of the company might not really care what customers want and need; they just want revenue
  • the rest of the company doesn’t care about the sales department’s problems

With that kind of mindset, no wonder they behave the way they do.

How Can You Make Progress if the Sales VP Resists Process?

Many a CEO, marketing or other executive, has struggled with sales VPs who resist process. One thing is for sure: if the Sales VP doesn’t support a process philosophy, no one else in their department will either.

So, how are you supposed to make progress? How can you figure out where the real problems are so they can be fixed?

Is there a way of addressing Sales VPs “on their own terms” that can enable progress?

On Thursday, September 3, at 11:00am Eastern time, I will team up with Todd Youngblood to discuss Todd’s approach to motivating and gaining the cooperation of Sales VPs:

How to Sell Process to Your Sales VP:

Three Principles that Engage
Sales Minds and Hearts
to Improve Discipline, Measurement,
and Performance

In this webinar, you’ll gain

  • Insight into the disconnect between left-brain process thinking and the positive, emotional, right-brain attitude of the typical sales executive
  • Three unarguable principles that can compel Sales VPs to begin thinking differently
  • Examples of a management strategy that has been shown to increase sales productivity, without using lean or six sigma jargon
  • A case example illustrating the results before and after
  • Templates and documentation of Todd’s approach you can use with your team

All registered attendees will receive access to a screen capture video recording of the event.

Click on the button to learn about the details of the event.

The webinar will be a spirited discussion between two seasoned executives turned consultants with experience in hundreds of companies and dozens of industries. Don’t miss the valuable and unique insights you’ll hear about in this webinar.

Here’s what other attendees have said about SPIF! Webinars:

“It provided me with more robust tools to begin to shape out a project I have been working on in improving our sales approach overall.”
Ruthann, Corporate Executive, Missouri

“You get beyond the conceptual and get to REAL documents and steps that you use. I have designed a couple of sales processes and am currently tweaking my own process for finding, winning, and keeping customers for my consulting biz.”
Mike, Consultant, Iowa

“As usual, Michael, you got right to the heart of the matter and the difficulties that the sales function is faced with.  Excellent.”
Andrew Wilcock, Cranfield University

“Your webinar gave me a strategy for testing out a nurturing campaign in my organization.
I liked the dialogue format – kept me engaged the entire hour.”
Mary Lou Joseph, Verint

You’ll receive immediately actionable information that will change the way you manage your organization. Registered participants who complete the workshop evaluation will receive a pdf file of the presentation slides and a recording of the event, in addition to special offers on information products that can improve the productivity of your sales and marketing organization.

The content in these calls is also excellent for anyone who is analyzing their sales process/organization to determine what kind of outside help might be needed.


Michael Webb

Michael Webb founded Sales Performance Consultants to create a data-driven alternative to the slogans and shallow impact offered by typical sales training, sales consulting, and CRM companies. Michael helped organize and delivered the keynote speeches for the first conferences ever held on applying Six Sigma to marketing and sales. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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