You Know the Power
of Operational Excellence in Manufacturing ...

… Now, Sales Process Excellence Can Power
the Production of Customers and Revenue as Well.

Operational Excellence (including Lean, Six Sigma, continuous improvement, and similar approaches) is more than just a set of tools. It is about how to think rationally, lead with values, and grow the business. At least it should be.

Unfortunately, process methods developed for manufacturing often don’t do much for sales and marketing. That’s because when salespeople can’t see how something will help them sell, they resist it. And rightly so.

On the other hand, most B2B salespeople respect professionalism when they see it. To them eliminating waste is good, yet it is more important to drive the top line – and the profit – higher. They know it takes the whole company – not just the sales department – to do that.

Sales and marketing results are not just about what salespeople do. Sales and marketing is a production system, and should be managed like one. Sales Performance Consultants, Inc., is the leader in helping companies around the world apply scientific methods to finding, winning, and keeping customers. In 2006, we wrote the most popular book on the subject: “Sales and Marketing the Six Sigma Way.” If you think your team is ready, let’s Get Started. If you need to learn more, the options below will help you along:

Process Excellence That Grows Your Business

"Michael Webb writes with clarity and intelligence about a management approach sales leadership often lacks, and sorely needs. No one provides greater thought leadership in sales process management than Michael Webb."
- Bob Kelly, Vice President Sales Operations, S.P. Richards Company

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- Jeff Kleiber, Sr. Continuous Improvement Engineer, Neenah Paper Inc.

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- Dave Vranicar, VP Sales & Business Development, Predictix, LLC

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