Continuously Improve B2B Sales Results

We help you engage B2B executives and sales and marketing teams to find data they don’t know they have.  This is the key to solving their most important problems

Find Voice of Customer
data competitors don’t have.

Prioritize the right sales opportunities (with data).

Double forecast accuracy, productivity, and margins.

At least half of your B2B sales (and marketing) budget is being wasted.

B2B sales and marketing teams often don’t realize they are operating by gut feel, with anecdotes rather than data.  And things get harder every year as more customers choose information on the Internet instead of talking to salespeople.

Professional salesmanship and operational excellence have the same goal – to give the customer what they want and will pay for. Executives and salespeople that can do this by instinct are great, but they aren’t a competitive advantage.  Don’t let old fashioned sales and marketing management ideas limit your company’s growth.

B2B Sales and Marketing isn’t getting any easier.

“The customer journey however, isn’t linear any more …. It’s more like a big bowl of spaghetti. Buyers are constantly shifting between different stages -- evaluating and re-evaluating; researching; and validating their decisions.”

Brent Adamson, Gartner Group

We understand. Your sales and marketing team just wants to sell,
not be roped into someone else’s idea of a process.

We bring a simple approach that pinpoints the bottlenecks,
and engages your team’s hearts and minds in expanding them.

1. Guided
Discovery Workshop

Define the problems you’re trying to solve, by tracing terms down to perceptual reality.

2. Map the Sales.
Value Stream

Identify the bottleneck, and changes that might create improvement in flow and quality

3. Launch Breakthrough

Develop respectful agreement around accountability, and how to overcome roadblocks.

4. Sustain Your Gains
(& Continuously Improve)

Act on common, high-impact issues to elevate the performance of the sales production system.

The first session with Michael was an eye opener.  We did identify things we were pretty sure we already knew (and some we didn't) but never had the structure to implement what we found.  The process Michael used made things much more clear, and the "how" we came to the results solidified our thinking and gave us a more clear vision.  I look forward to continuing through the process.

Ken Wood
Business Development Manager
Northeast Region, Carel USA

Find out if we can help in 3 easy steps

  • Schedule a introductory chat
    You’ll receive a short guideline to prepare for the discussion
  • Spend 30 minutes to get clear on your challenges and opportunities
    Michael will learn your story and answer your questions
  • You’ll receive a short synopsis and some recommendations
    Whether you decide on some follow up or not, recommendations will be unique to your situation

"We had a great growth rate. But we knew the time was fast approaching when our growth would be less sustainable and certainly less predictable. The day I listened to our professional sale steam present data and pipelines with probability metrics, I knew our journey was going to be a success. And it was!”

Michael Madsen
President, Aquion Incorporated
Elk Grove Village, IL

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"Our sales process mapping work turned out fantastic. I can’t believe how quickly you got the sales team aligned to the approach, and how much we got accomplished in such a short time. Great work! “

Bret Hamlin
Assistant VP Sales
Burr Oak Tool

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