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Can Six Sigma Work in a Sales and Marketing Environment?

by Paul Selden Originally published in the ASQ Six Sigma Forum, 2001 William Latzko, a professor at the Fordham University Graduate School of Business and a colleague of W.E. Deming, remarked to me not long ago that the great opportunity for quality in the twenty-first century lies in sales process improvement. Indeed, quality thinking offers […]

Why Your Sales Process Cost Matters, and What You Need to Know to Get it Right

By Michael J. Webb (pdf of this article) One of the most important management systems for the senior executive is the one that measures the costs of production. Executives must know not just the total cost of production, but also the cost of the stages of their production. Sales and marketing organizations need this every […]

Book Review – "The Leaky Funnel Earn More Customers by Aligning Sales and Marketing to the way Businesses Buy"

by Hugh Macfarlane 2003, Bookman Media Pty Ltd (available on www.amazon.com) Submitted by Michael J Webb: HardBits (a mid-sized company in a maturing industry) is struggling because its products are being commoditized by competitors from around the world. Customers are slow to buy, often delaying decisions until the last minute. Yet they expect miracle delivery […]

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