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Rich Piech | The Toyota Factory Floor Sales Secret

When independent consultant Rich Piech starts working with a company that’s struggling to scale up… he often finds that they have a fundamental flaw: They’ve defined “sales” the wrong way. This has a domino effect, impacting the whole company. And, no, the sales department isn’t to blame, stresses Rich. What is sales… really? And who […]

SPIF Tip #48: Respect for Salespeople

In any organization, improving begins with open, frank discussions around crucial questions, like these:   Why do we have to change?  Why should we do this all alone?  Why should we do this in addition to other work?  What if sales problems are not caused by us?   Why is this important to the organization?   What are objective measures […]

What Is Operational Excellence in Sales and Marketing?

by Michael J. Webb (with Robert Ferguson) (pdf of this article) A reader from Microsoft recently asked me an interesting question: “What are the key parameters which define Operational Excellence in a sales and marketing organization?” I like the question, because Operational Excellence isn’t just a slogan or a matter of opinion. It is a […]

What is Six Sigma… and Why Should Marketing and Sales Managers Care?

Michael J. Webb, Sales Performance Consultants, Inc.Originally published in Marketing Times Summer 2005Subsequently published in Marketing Watchdog Journal, August 2005 (pdf of this article) Six Sigma is a funny name for a serious way of boosting marketing and sales performance. It’s already transformed manufacturing in hundreds of companies, and it is now doing the same […]

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