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Getting Started with Lean Process Excellence in Sales


Production Environment
Sales and Marketing Environments
  • Output is tangible and visible.
  • Means of identifying and measuring waste and value are in place.
  • People generally work together in a single facility.
  • The objective of the work is to meet the specification every time.
  • Output is mostly intangible and invisible.
  • Means of identifying and measuring waste and value must be developed.
  • People work individually, with customers in various locations.
  • The objective of the work is to get customers to communicate, meet with you, and buy.

 These differences are real, and they must be addressed if your company is to bring process excellence to sales and marketing.  That’s the bad news.  What’s the good news?

Good News about Sales Process Excellence

If your company has successfully applied process excellence to production and operations, you are extremely well positioned to apply it to sales and marketing.  More good news:  we have found that production operations represent half or less of the typical profit-improvement opportunity within a corporation! 

In sales and marketing, process excellence methods enable you to reduce sales cycles and costs, and to increase sales productivity and margins.  They also make it far easier to manage, forecast, and achieve growth.

At this site, you can learn about the strategic value of Lean Sales Process Excellence to your business.  Whether you are a:

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