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“Michael, Thank you for following through with your promise to equip us with methods and models that have enabled us to start and continually improve our sales process improvements. We avoided big mistakes around measuring sales and marketing productivity. Most importantly, we have a method for improving that engages our complex multi-level sales organization. Your ideas and your new book have helped position us for even more success.”

– Randy DeSpain, Director of Quality & Process Excellence for Global Sales and Marketing, Danfoss, Ames ,Iowa

“Our sales process mapping work turned out fantastic. I can’t believe how quickly you got the sales team aligned to the approach, and how much we got accomplished in such a short time. Great work!”

– Bret Hamlin, Burr Oak Tool, Sturgis, Michigan

“Although we had a great growth rate, we knew the time was fast approaching when our growth would be less sustainable and certainly less predictable. Mike started us on a sales excellence journey that didn’t change how we sell, but revolutionized how we manage sales. The day I attended a sales meeting and listened to our professional sales team present data and pipelines and probability metrics, I knew our journey was going to be a success. And it was!”

– Michael Madsen, President, Aquion Corporation, Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Sales Performance Consultants, Inc., helps B2B companies improve productivity, profitability, and predictability through operational excellence in sales and marketing.

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