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Hello everyone,

The inauguration today makes this a great day to get work done!

We’ve been working night and day to get the new website prepared for your use:

  • A new member’s area – with both free and paid memberships
  • New videos, articles, polls, and feedback systems for all levels of involvement

It is going to be the most in-depth high-impact resource available for getting serious education on how to help your organization improve its sales process.

Last month we released the “How to Conduct a Sales Kaizen Event” guidebook, and this month we’re still planning to release another new guidebook – but we’ve been swamped by the details of putting this new site together.

As a result, the “How to Conduct a Sales Kaizen Event Guidebook” is still available – at the old price of $297!

That will go away as soon as we switch the new website on. List price for nonmembers will be $470. When will we flip the switch?

As fast as I possibly can!

These things are hard to predict, so you probably have a couple of days before we cut over. But after that, it’s over.

Look for some announcements soon on the new website and on a new teleconference coming Thursday next week!

All the best,

Michael Webb
January 20, 2009

All products and services from Sales Performance Consultants are 100% satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back. So be frugal and visit the ordering page “How to Conduct a Sales Kaizen Event” now. You’ll save about a hundred bucks and help accelerate your organization’s sales effectiveness at the same time. Plus, you get your first month’s membership in SPIF! for free!


Michael Webb

Michael Webb founded Sales Performance Consultants to create a data-driven alternative to the slogans and shallow impact offered by typical sales training, sales consulting, and CRM companies. Michael helped organize and delivered the keynote speeches for the first conferences ever held on applying Six Sigma to marketing and sales. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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