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Got a Technical Team? Here’s a Great Way to Help Them Sell

Recently I spoke with Burke, the VP of Business Development for an engineering firm in the material handling industry. Unlike many people in this industry, Burke has a marketing background rather than a technical one. Since he joined the firm, their business is booming, seemingly unaffected by the recession. I asked him about that. What […]

What Is Operational Excellence in Sales and Marketing?

by Michael J. Webb (with Robert Ferguson) (pdf of this article) A reader from Microsoft recently asked me an interesting question: “What are the key parameters which define Operational Excellence in a sales and marketing organization?” I like the question, because Operational Excellence isn’t just a slogan or a matter of opinion. It is a […]

Book Review – "The Leaky Funnel Earn More Customers by Aligning Sales and Marketing to the way Businesses Buy"

by Hugh Macfarlane 2003, Bookman Media Pty Ltd (available on www.amazon.com) Submitted by Michael J Webb: HardBits (a mid-sized company in a maturing industry) is struggling because its products are being commoditized by competitors from around the world. Customers are slow to buy, often delaying decisions until the last minute. Yet they expect miracle delivery […]

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