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"Michael is the thought leader around improving B2B sales processes with true process improvement tools. Before your organization tries another CRM, sales training, lead generation initiative you’ll want to learn what Michael and his team at SPC can teach you.”

John Schumann, Partner, Whetstone Group

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Process Excellence That Grows Your Business

"Hi Michael, Just a note to say I think the work you do is excellent, you're one of the few experts I follow. Too far away to do business but wanted you to know that this new assessment of yours is fab."
-Suzanne, Salesbytes.com, South Africa

"Michael, Thank you for following through with your promise to equip us with methods and models that have enabled us to start and continually improve our sales process improvements. We avoided big mistakes around measuring sales and marketing productivity. Most importantly, we have a method for improving that engages our complex multi-level sales organization. Your ideas and your new book have helped position us for even more success."
-Randy DeSpain, Director of Quality & Process Excellence for Global Sales and Marketing, Danfoss PS

"Michael, I've been in business for 30 years, starting on my kitchen table with $5,000, and today, a multi-million dollar company with distributors and customers in 42 countries. All along the way, I have studied, read books, took courses, seminars and hired consultants to find a gem or two of advice to help me on this journey. In talking to Michael, about sales, CRM, and marketing, and business in general, he understood where we were and delivered gem after gem after gem of strategic and tactical advice that was both relevant, and immediately applicable to my business."
-Dave Dunwoodie, Head Honcho,www.GraphTech.com

"The white papers you shared are really interesting. I have shared them with my colleagues. I would recommend anyone involved in the implementation of lean in sales and marketing to read these."-Steven Boute, Business Process Manager, Brady Corporation, Ghent, Belgium

"Your support so far has been a good mix of tools to take a more systematic planning approach towards reaching our objectives, and tools to execute. From my perspective your ability to resolve execution roadblocks of the team and input to get real world results separates your work from other engagements we’ve done."
-David Handmaker, President, Next Day Flyers

"Michael Webb writes with clarity and intelligence about a management approach sales leadership often lacks, and sorely needs. No one provides greater thought leadership in sales process management than Michael Webb."
- Robert Kelly, Vice President Sales Operations, Sales Management Association

"I'm not quite sure where your information comes from, but I open all of your emails and read them all in full."
- Jeff Kleiber, Sr. Continuous Improvement Engineer, Neenah Paper Inc.

"Your articles and newsletters have been of enormous value to me. In fact, they have dramatically changed the way I think about sales and marketing. And I’ve been doing both for a total of nearly 30 years."
- Dave Vranicar, VP Sales & Business Development, Predictix, LLC

"Mike, I'm a true believer in your systematic approach to sales management. And keep the newsletter coming--it shows that solutions and improvements are within our grasp."
- Don Drews, Chicago, IL