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Professional Services

Achieve and measure improvement quickly with your existing team by collaborating with master consultants to launch, lead, and sustain improvement.

Need help getting your boss interested sales process excellence? Wonder if your sales team is ready for this? Unsure how to locate the root causes of sales and marketing problems?We are experienced at helping you discover the kind of help you need.

Professional Services:

  • Introductory Workshops
    SPC introductory workshops use data from your organization to enable your company's leaders to experience process excellence firsthand. Your team can ask specific questions, learn what results are possible for your business, and hear about other client's experiences.
  • Guided Discovery Engagements
    Marketing, selling, and servicing departments look at the world differently. Guided Discovery helps them begin to define value, waste, and work in a way they can agree on. It also enables them to decide where to begin improving so initial efforts have the the most improvement for the least effort.
  • Remedial Workshops
    Often companies suffer from similar causes for sales and marketing problems. For organizations that want a remedial approach, SPC conducts workshops aimed to address specific challenges, such as operationally defining qualification criteria, or developing standard selling work.
  • Continuous Improvement Collaboration Once your organization is engaged in improving the real work unfolds. Your managers and executives can receive coaching and, guidance to maintain and accelerate improvement momentum.
  • Management Orientation and Coaching
    Success can come quickly in the early stages as people learn to identify waste and align around what customers really value. Sometimes, executives and middle managers need orientation and coaching to uncover hidden assumptions in how they manage. You know you are on the right track when employees begin to look to their managers and executives not for approval or decisions, but for leadership and guidance in making their own decisions.

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