"Sales and Marketing the Six Sigma Way"
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Sales and Marketing the Six Sigma Way
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Used copies of the hard cover edition of have sold for hundreds of dollars. The publisher went out of business and there was no other way to get a copy.

In January 2013, we made some minor updates to the cover and re-released the title as a paperback.

This book has continued to be the most useful and well-read book in this space. It is a valuable reference for sellers and marketers as well as process excellence professionals.

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Advance Praise for Sales and Marketing the Six Sigma Way:

"If you don't know what you have done to succeed or what has caused you to fail, you are leaving your destiny to chance. In our experience, when you understand and remove obstacles to your customers achieving their objectives, you create customer value by helping them succeed. In addition, putting your own processes under the microscope can reveal the what's inhibiting you from achieving your sales goals. Michael Webb's straightforward approach to sales and marketing using the popular Six Sigma method is presented with a sense of humor and lots of examples. Well worth your time!"

Sheila Mello, Author
Customer-Centric Product Definition
- The Key to Great Product Development and Value Innovation Portfolio Management
- Achieving Double Digit Growth Through Customer Value.

"Michael Webb brings true understanding to sales and marketing through process thinking. If you want a harmonious relationship between sales, marketing and customer service that will drive customer value, you need to read this book!"

Willis Turner, CAE, CSE
President/CEO, Sales and Marketing Executives International (SMEI)

"Applying Six Sigma to Sales and Marketing?? Initially I was skeptical, but after reading this book, I'm a believer. Applying these principles correctly will help sales managers solve many of the challenges they face every day in their quest to improve sales performance."

Jack Snader, President
Systema Corporation

"Webb's breakthrough ideas show how marketing, selling, and servicing functions can be approached as a process - with input and outputs, causes and effects. I highly recommend this book to all senior executives - whether they are aiming for better forecasting, better market share, higher margins, or reduced cost of sales. It will completely change the way you view sales and marketing, and help you get a handle on sales process improvement."

Frank Wiley, President
Magnitude Marketing, LLC

"It isn't often that I can recommend a Six Sigma book because reducing defects is often a product focused, internally oriented approach. This book is not only different but better than any other Six Sigma book I've ever seen because it actually shows how to use it to increase the value of your relationships and experiences with your customers. This is the way Six Sigma should be done."

Paul Greenberg, Author
CRM at the Speed of Light:
Essential Customer Strategies in the 21st Century, 3rd Edition

"Hats off to Mike Webb for tackling this challenging subject. Improving sales and marketing is like training your cat to come when you call it. It's an interesting thing to think about but full of pitfalls to the uninitiated. Mike however is very initiated and this book does a good job of showing you how quantitative methods can apply to a traditionally hard to manage business. It's not that sales forces don't have metrics. You could argue that they have the ultimate metric. Did we make the sale? Like your cat, these groups seem to have a mind of their own and the cause and effect of the activities that go into making the sale aren't usually methodically examined and improved. Mike shows you how to do that with style."

Bill Bentley, President

"Too often we let organizational thinking cloud our view and forget that the name of the game is adding "customer value" through the sales and marketing process and not to design the sales process around our ourselves. The concepts outlined in 'Sales and Marketing the Six Sigma Way' are relevant to all executives who are looking to transform their sales and marketing organizations in order to deliver maximum results to both internal and more importantly external clients."

Gregory T. Deininger
Vice President, National Accounts
Marriott Global Sales Organization

If more books on the subject were as concise and fun to read as Sales and Marketing the Six Sigma Way," the business world would be a better place. The book will help many executives in the Sales & Marketing industry take a highly valuable tool and apply it to their day-to-day business.

Kamal Hassan
Global VP of Business Development
Breakthrough Management Group

"Michael Webb has a very incisive, clear-headed approach to untangling complex sales problems. 'Sales and Marketing the Six Sigma Way' breaks the sales funnel into its component parts and systematically identifies bottlenecks and disconnects that waste your time and resources. Selling might have been done by the seat-of-the-pants in the 20th century, but that isn't going to work now. Those who miss this shift will find themselves further and further behind quotas and locked in a corporate pressure cooker. But those who recognize and act will discover that the current business climate can be enormously rewarding and profitable. This book is not a sales rah-rah session. It takes enormously successful methods from manufacturing and applies them to the toughest job in your company - getting orders from customers. I wholeheartedly recommend Michael and his innovative methods."

Perry Marshall, Principal
Perry Marshall and Associates

Sales and marketing are new frontiers for six sigma and Michael s book provides practical insights for any organization that is considering how to connect their continuous improvement efforts with top line growth and customer satisfaction."

John Biedry Senior Vice President -
Continuous Improvement & Six Sigma

Think about it... marketing and sales can easily represent nearly half of your company s annual expenses. This expense is far from being optimized when 9 out 10 leads are typically discarded early in the sales cycle. Companies that do not apply a systematic and truly accountable approach to blending marketing and sales will undoubtedly struggle to survive in this increasingly competitive business climate. This book concisely applies practical Six Sigma methods to help companies boost customer value and realize greater ROI out of their marketing and sales investment. If you know there s room for improvement between your marketing and sales teams, I highly recommend you leverage this book as a key competitive advantage.

Jeff Kostermans President & CEO,

Michael Webb has once again demonstrated his clear and systematic thinking about delivering value to customers in this must read book, Sales and Marketing the Six Sigma Way.' In this book, Mike provides tools to help measure your sales processes in terms important to your customers. Then, you can continuously improve your processes of Finding, Winning and Keeping Customers.

Ray McKinney
Director of Development
Matrix Technologies

"Sales and marketing organizations have historically been slow in adopting the benefits of Six Sigma for a variety of reasons, especially because of the effort required to "translate" the ideas, tools and case studies in ways that make clearly sense to their world. Michael Webb has created a book for them that finally makes it easier to understand both what the benefits are, and how to achieve them. Thank you Michael!"

Aaron Ross
Director, Corporate Development

This book is essential reading for anyone in sales and marketing. Mike Webb s unique perspective is captured in this excellent roadmap on how to organize, measure, and lead both marketers and sellers to greater success."

Dan Kosch and Mark Shonka
Co-Presidents of IMPAX Corporation
and co-authors of the best selling book,
Beyond Selling Value


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