Sales Process Excellence by Michael J. Webb

Why don’t digital and social marketing, lead generation, sales training, CRM systems, and even so-called sales process improve sales productivity and profit?

In Sales Process Excellence, Michael Webb traces sales and marketing problems to their root causes in traditional management methods, such as pushing product, setting quotas, and trying harder while doing the same things over again. He explains why these methods actually create barriers for leaders, and reveals an alternative that avoids them.

What’s the alternative? Sales process excellence. Drawing on years of experience with B2B sales managers, general managers, and process excellence leaders, Webb shows how you can engage your team to:

  • Learn what customers want from your salespeople, your channels, and on your website
  • Design your process to tell you who will buy, who won’t, and why
  • Increase margins and accountability, while earning salespeople’s cooperation and respect
  • Synchronize marketing, sales, and service into a smooth production flow, and then accelerate it
  • Engage your team to provide data you didn’t know you had
  • Identify common, high-impact issues preventing growth and use them to drive decisions that reliably grow your business

First published in 2006, Sales and Marketing the Six Sigma Way has earned 4.5 Stars on Amazon, and is the leading text in this genre.