How to Map Customer Value

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So Customers Will Buy Now and Pay More, with Michael Webb

Michael Webb presents Customer Value Mapping, a simple, valuable technique.


that has been applied in more than 100 client companies to tailor sales training materials and enable marketing departments to design better sales processes and collateral materials.

This presentation outlines the foundations of value propositions, and how to use VOC style techniques to extract them from your (knowledgeable) salespeople and your customers. This step-by-step approach walks through identifying who within the customer is affected, mapping out their interests, articulating the value propositions, creating high-impact research questions, and even touches on how to use this information to create sales letters and train salespeople.

The presentation is approximately 1 hour and fifteen minutes, including a lengthy question and answer period. It was originally delivered on March 19, 2009. The mp3 recording of the webinar is here:


The presentation is broken into eleven sections, from five to thirteen minutes in length, as follows:

Part 1: Introduction (5:48)

  • Introduction
  • Undesirable results around value propositions

Part 2: Analyzing Value Propositions (4:46)

Part 3: How to Create Value Propositions (3:16)

  • Six steps to mapping customer value
  • Value mapping example from "Sales and Marketing the Six Sigma Way"

Part 4: Example of Customer Value Maps (8:04)

  • Customer value map for formulation chemist
  • Value propositions
  • Questions to ask

Part 5: Six Steps to Customer Value Reprised (4:49)

  • Question answered about customer value mapping sequence
  • Value taxonomy tree

Part 6: Customer Value Map and Customer's Journey (4:34)

  • Multiple departments
  • Customer pyramid and business / financial value
  • Sales gravity - for direct response style lead generation

Part 7: Sales Value Progression (7:35)

  • Sales gravity for salesmanship in person
  • Question and answer


Part 8: Question and Answer Around Business Value (8:18)

  • Company value hierarchy pyramid
  • Mapping for use internally to identify who needs to get involved


Part 9: Question and Answer (7:09)

  • Research questions and negotiation strategy
  • Purpose and objectives


Part 10: More Questions and Answers (7:17)

  • Research questions and product life cycles
  • Case example from 3M demonstrating the value of research with customers

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