Get Started on Sales Process Excellence

Almost every day we talk to leaders of B2B sales organizations struggling to grow their business because of:

  • Not enough deal flow (or too much!)
  • Prospects who are less ready to buy, and delay engaging with salespeople
  • Customers who resist value pricing, deals that don’t close, inaccurate sales forecasts
  • Low sales productivity, high cost of sales, and customer churn
  • Needing to penetrate new markets and increase market share

These executives often have experience with strategies like sales training, CRM software, lead generation, improved websites, or attempts to align marketing and sales. Often they have developed a sales process, only to learn their problems are deeper than they appeared, such as salespeople giving lip service to the process, or resisting the work of data collection. What is most frustrating is that improvements seem temporary. Rather than genuine productivity gains, they tend to fall back to the same old grind: “Just work harder!”

B2B companies need a way to improve productivity in sales and marketing that is low risk, and virtually guaranteed to work. They need a rational (meaning data-driven) method of distinguishing value from waste so they can design and improve their sales process. That method is Sales Process Excellence.  

We are not talking about generating short term revenue spikes. We are talking about incremental, systematic improvements that move your company toward becoming the next sales dynasty in your industry. SPC's fully developed approach adjusts Lean and process excellence principles to the cultural and circumstantial requirements of sales and marketing.  Once they have been exposed to it, this is something that sellers and marketers in businesses across North America, Europe, and China have become quite enthusiastic about. 

Sound interesting? Here are some materials to help you get started:

There are many other resources on this website, so please take a look around. We look forward to hearing from you.